Friday, April 1, 2011

Micah's Music

Since no longer being in the classroom teaching, I have taken advantage of every opportunity to teach here at home. Micah’s at the age right now where he loves learning, and he soaks up everything! Lately, we have been listening to a lot of classical music , hoping to instill an appreciation and love for music in the boys as they grow older. Two of Micah’s favorite videos to watch are “Baby Einstein: Mozart” and “Baby Einstein: Beethoven”. So later, as we’re listening to music on i-tunes, he’s been able to identify a few songs by Beethoven and Mozart. For example, he’ll be playing and hear “Fur Elise.” So he’ll stop, excitedly point to the computer and say “Toven!” And since he’s already been a fan of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, he can identify some of those pieces as well. To help him expand his musical repertoire we recently borrowed “Baby Einstein: Bach” from the library. He gets excited to pop in the DVD featuring the little Baby Einstein bunny on the cover. I love watching this little boy build an appreciation for the classical music that we enjoy listening to as well! The only downside…Micah is going to grow up thinking that the little cartoon bunny on the cover is Bach. :)


Mom Hill said...

I love it!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Good Job Kristen! I don't think Megan has a clue about classical music. I just don't listen to classical. Tim does sometimes. Love the picture of Micah at the piano!